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Trees Too Close To The Roof

Do you have trees that are too close or in contact with your roof? I’ve often been asked how far to trim trees away from the roof. I’ve read from at least 3 feet to at least 6 feet. However, without getting into a specific number, I recommend trimming trees as far away from the roof as possible! During storms, there is tremendous force behind tree branches that are being blown by the wind, and if in contact with the roof – they will cause damage – if not immediately, eventually.


Another thing to consider is the debris (needles, twigs, leaves) that a tree will deposit onto the roof. All debris should be removed from the roof on a regular basis. Debris on the roof will not allow the roof to shed water properly, causing a damming / pooling effect that can cause leaks. It’s amazing the amount of water a roof can collect in a rain storm, and it’s important the roof be able to shed the water as effectively as possible.


Untrimmed trees can also be an avenue for pests (mice, rats, cats) to climb onto the roof, and once on the roof, it’s not long before they find a way into the attic.


Trees provide welcome shade in the summertime, and can cut down on home cooling costs. Keeping them trimmed & away from the roof allows for all the benefits without the risk of roof damage.

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